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Elysee Inzunza & Lanny Hoang — Minted

Elysee Inzunza


Lanny Hoang

Wedding Party

Teal Inzunza

Maid of Honor

Teal is my older sister. Growing up, instead of calling me by my actual name, people would just refer to me as "Teal's sister." Because we're only 16 months apart, the closeness in our age has translated to an extremely close relationship between the two of us.

Teal has dedicated her life to serving others, becoming a social worker and helping people from all walks of life. But in my life, she has served as an unofficial wedding planner and rarely does a decision get made about our wedding without a FaceTime call to hear her opinion.

Teal has always been one of my biggest role models, and in 2019, I was able to stand beside her during her own wedding. Now, I'm honored she'll be standing next to me at mine!

Miranda Inzunza

Maid of Honor

Miranda is my little sister, and in typical little sister fashion, growing up, her role was to annoy me. Luckily, times have changed, and we are truly the best of friends.

Miranda is one of the most important people in my life, and she and I rarely go a day without talking to each other. At any point in time, she's either my therapist, personal shopper, workout buddy, or nemesis in a game of Catan.

Several years ago, Miranda moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. She's never been afraid to take risks to make her dreams come true, and I couldn't be prouder of her (I just wish she wasn't so far away!).

Kyla McCarthy


When I was in my early 20s, I met Kyla at a clothing boutique where everything came in literally one size. Life has thrown a lot at us since then, but she's remained my close friend all these years later!

Kyla and I have truly witnessed each other become adults with actual careers and much nicer apartments. She's one of the kindest, most generous people I've ever met - and an expert gift giver!

Last year, Kyla got married and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. It was such an honor, so I'm thrilled to have her as one of mine now!

Jenny Ramriez


Jenny and I met when I got my first job in TV. We were working at the same company at the time and became close after numerous work drinks and company parties brought us together.

Jenny is one of those special people who can talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable. She's hilarious, honest, and so much fun to be around.

Over the years, we've bonded over being major foodies, and she's always willing to try new restaurants or bars with me that I've found on Instagram. I'm so lucky to be able to call her a friend and bridesmaid!

Stephanie Munoz


I think it's pretty rare to be friends with someone and also be just as close to their sister, but that's exactly how Steph and I met! Stephanie is Jenny's sister, and similar to the relationship I have with my sisters, they do everything together. So, it was only natural that because I was close to Jenny, I also became close with Steph.

Luckily, I've gotten to travel multiple times with Steph and her (soon-to-be) wife, Lindsay. We've even waited in line for a ride for 4 hours at Disney World together and somehow still remained friends (although we can all agree the ride wasn't worth it).

Stephanie is one of the funniest people I've ever met, and truly one of the easiest people to be friends with. I can't wait to celebrate my wedding with her!

Kristine Keers


I met Kristine through Zach, one of Lanny's close friends. She and Zach had just started dating and when he introduced her to us, I remember thinking, "Yep, she's definitely the one!"

Kristine and I instantly clicked after that. Maybe it's because she's so open and personable, or maybe it's just that Midwest upbringing we both have in common!

I love Kristine so much. She has such a positive spirit that is so infectious and rubs off on everyone she meets. Last year, Kristine asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and it was there that I got to witness firsthand all the people that love and care about her. And now, I'm so happy that she'll be able to do the same at mine!

Uy Hoang

Best Man

Out of 5 children, Uy is the oldest and my only brother. Thanks to Uy, he's gotten me got me into comics and video games...which ultimately led to me doing terribly in school!

I always felt like the cool younger brother when he would invite me to his hangouts, bbqs, and LAN parties (it's a nerdy computer thing where we would all play games in my mom's basement).

We're definitely not the kind of family that really expresses our love through words or affection, but I just know that if I truly needed someone during a difficult time, Uy will be there, no questions asked.

I was honored to be in his wedding party many years ago, and I'm honored to have him in mine now.

Dan Bauman


I've known Dan since the 6th grade, which was roughly 25 years ago. A quarter of a century of friendship is no easy feat!

From the day I met him till now, we've both been extremely passionate about art. Seeing him grow as an artist has been amazing to watch.

While attending to college together at the University of Maryland, he introduced me to some of his friends and classmates, and, through him, they all became my friends, too.

Dan's friendship has truly changed me for the better, and I'm grateful to have had him in my life for so many years.

Caleb Miller


I met Caleb through some mutual friends while living in Brooklyn, New York. I remember he was always so kind and had a bright personality that was hard to miss.

Over the years, we've gone on many adventures together, not just traveling. When I was beginning a new career as a tattoo artist, Caleb always supported my creative journey and quite literally sacrificed his blood to me. Don't worry, I'm not talking about any kind of satanic rituals. What I mean is that he's been getting tattooed and putting his trust in me from the start.

That kind of dedication and support is why I'm ecstatic to have Caleb stand by me on 9/23/23.

Zach Blaine


When I first met Zach through his brother Joel, we were all attending University of Maryland together. At the time, we were at a college party and he seemed like a cool guy. So cool and popular in fact, that I didn't see us ever becoming friends.

But when I joined Joel, his wife, and several other friends on vacation to New Zealand years later, Zach and I randomly decided to share a tent together. It was a long camping journey throughout the country, and we were in TIGHT quarters to say the least. It was from then on that I feel like Zach and I really hit it off and truly get to know one another. His sense of humor and energy was very similar to mine, and always seemed to put me in a good mood.

From there, we've embarked on many other trips together, including Cambodia and Thailand. I look forward to sharing many more adventures with Zach, including having him be there to witness my big day!