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Elysee Inzunza & Lanny Hoang — Minted

Elysee Inzunza


Lanny Hoang

Elysee Inzunza and Lanny Hoang

We're getting married, y'all!

Our Story

This isn't going to be some rom-com nonsense. That's not our vibe, and we're just not that kind of couple! So here it is:

Lanny and Elysee met like many other couples these days...through the world wide web!

Their first date was on December 21, 2014, and it wasn't some fancy dinner or fate working its magic in mysterious ways. They met at a tiki dive bar called Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC and it was definitely way past midnight. Extremely romantic!

Fast forward a few more dates, and they soon realized just how much they had in common. It wasn't until Lanny introduced Elysee to pho, that the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, the two have embarked on lots of adventures together. Their biggest one to date has been adopting two naughty pups named Maya & Mr. Boo.

Somehow, their relationship has stood the test of time (8 years!), so they figured, why not? Let's make this thing official!